Business Portraits

Trusted as the official portrait & head press photographer of the Nasdaq Stock Market for many years; Christopher knows how to expertly craft business portraits and make efficient use of clients' time.  We make you look fit for official websites, social profiles, annual reports, email marketing, conference presentations and other professional service usages.

Sample Photos

Color Studio Head Shots

Black-and-White Studio Head Shots

Outdoor & Environmental Portraits (i.e. featuring real backgrounds not backdrops)


Executive & Business Portrait Session

Includes a full shoot at your office location for your employees.  We deliver a proofing gallery per employee + retouching & licensing for one selected photo of the employee's choosing.

If your company or any business/commercial/editorial entity wishes to use the image in any way (annual report, panel discussion power point presentation, publishing, e-commerce site, real estate or professional service site) this includes the required commercial license.

Additional Re-touched Photo

Clients may select additional photos to license from the proofing gallery to be finely re-touched.

Additional "Look"  

You may change your wardrobe or style for different looks during the shoot or request a standard background color change (white, black or gray).  Custom backdrops available upon request at additional cost.

Additional Commercial Licenses  

If another or secondary  business entity intends to use commissioned photos, we offer additional licensing options.

Outdoor Photo Opportunities

Some clients seek an outdoor, environmental portrait option.  We are happy to work with you to make these happen  (allowing for fair weather and permissions).  

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